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St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco Russian Orthodox Church

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Guideline for Submitting Names for Commemoration

Requests for private prayer, service of molebens, pannykhidas, and akathists. This page is intended to provide a convenient way of submitting these requests along with your offerings.

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Instructions for submitting names

Please submit proper first names. For Orthodox Christians, this means a baptismal name or the name used when receiving Holy Communion.

Orthodox Christian clergy and monastics should be identified by their proper formal rather than familiar titles (e.g. “Bishop,” “Metropolitan,” etc., not “Vladyka” or “Sayedna;” “Priest,” “Deacon,” “Archpriest,” “Hieromonk,” “Monk,” etc., not “Fr.” or “Father;” “Nun,” “Abbess,” etc., not “Mother”).

Courtesy titles for clergymen's wives, such as “Matushka,” “Presvytera,” “Khouria,” etc., are not used in formal commemorations and should not be submitted.

Do not include last names/surnames. Only the first names are required.

Do not specify a reason for the name, for example: "Looking for a wife".

You can specify illness by preceding the name with "ill", for example: ill infant John 
But do not specify a reason for the illness, for example,  "infant John - high temperature" <- Not acceptable

Non-Orthodox names are OK to include. To indicate someone who is non-Orthodox please use parenthesis around their names, for example: (Darren), (Jamie), (Sheryl), etc.

Please submit no more than ten names per request.

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The prayer request will be fulfilled as soon as possible following our reception of your request (unless you specify a particular date in the "message" area above).