Devotees of the Twentieth Centruy

ARCHBISHOP LEONTY OF CHILE Archbishop Leonty of Chile (in the world Vasily Filippovich K.) was born August 6, 1904 in Kiev in the family servant. Archbishop Leonty of Chile August 15, 1904 in Kiev baptized in the Holy Cross Church in Podil. After the transfer of the father to serve in LOTS he entered the Yekaterinoslav seminary. In 1915 he enrolled in the Cathedral Choir. Basil had a beautiful voice, "perfect pitch and musical memory." Subsequently spoke about it, as "an outstanding tenor." After a few months of classes in the bishop's choir, he became one of its soloists. With adolescence wrote poetry. After the family's return to Kiev, in 1917, he finished 4 th grade Kiev Theological School.

leonty2In February 1923 Basil went to trial and was adopted in April novice Kiev-Pechersk Monastery. Apparently, after his return Archimandrite Hermogenes (Golubev) of the first link (1923-1924.) He was his cell-mate. Served responsible obedience - delivered the prisoners food and money. This period of Archbishop Leonty left a memory in his notes. "There was a time when I was the mediator between good people, providing assistance, and signed by the clergy, and when I became a priest, and I kind people everywhere and always provided the same assistance - in prison, forced labor, in a clandestine existence." about. Leonty. Photos end of the 1920s During these years, the novice Vasily traveled many settlements, camps and prisons of Ukraine and Russia. In August 1926, he was accompanied by the abbot of the monastery. Hermogenes in his pilgrimage to Sarov and Diveevo monastery in gratitude for the liberation from exile. In August 1927, Kitayevskaya Hermitage Archimandrite Hermogenes and skhiarhiepiskop Anthony (Abashidze) tonsured Basil the mantle with name-giving Leonty. In 1928, Bishop Basil (Bogdashevsky) ordained on. Leonty a deacon, and in 1930 - priesthood. Quarry in Korostyn. Figures on. Leonty 1933 In 1923-1924,. he as an auditor attended lectures at the Kiev Theological Academy. During these years he lived in one of his cell with. Theodosius (Mikhailovsky). In 1927-1930 gg. he studied at the Theological Institute (theological courses) in Leningrad and lived on a farmstead of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Compound was administered by the Synod of St. Sergius and subordinated Bishop Nikolai (Yarushevich), subsequently Krutitsy Metropolitan. A. Leonti took part in the burial of the Holy Martyr Ilarion (Troitsky), Archbishop of Verey, who died in a prison hospital December 28, 1929 The funeral service was held in the church of the Novodevichy Convent. The body was released by the authorities to the condition ban funeral orations. "In silence and hidden weeping we buried Bishop Hilarion", - write later on. Leonty. Theological courses closed in 1928, but teachers continued until 1930 to give lectures and take tests from trusted students. After some time on. Leonty was summoned to the GPU and demanded in three days to leave the city and return to Kiev. In 1934 he received the degree of Candidate of Theology, "in a solemn ceremony in the academic Church of the Kyiv-Bratsk monastery, a month before its complete destruction, Archbishop Sergius ... on behalf of the Exarch laid" on about. Leonty academic icon. After his return, he settled in the private apartment near Kitayevskaya desert (on Mousetrap, Lenin str., 15). He sang in the church choir, doing daily work. Probably, in 1930 confessor of. Leonty becomes skhiarhiepiskop Anthony (Abashidze), on whose behalf, in October of the same year he made a trip to Tbilisi. Bishop Leonty with the clergy. Photos beginning of the 1940s At the beginning of the 1930s. Leonty was about the parish in Priorke, where he served for two years instead of the arrested priest, giving his family a big part of what brought the congregation. Here on. Leonty survived the night attack of bandits and was rescued by the parishioners. In 1932, about. Leonty was elevated to the rank of abbot. In the same year on about. Leonty was opened KO investigation file GPU of the Ukrainian SSR. The reason for this may have on the relationship with postuzhila. Hermogenes and a trip to Kharkiv for permission to visit him in the camp to arrest Resolution dated April 29, 1932 is charged under the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR 54-11 to break into the prison under a consequence of four months in the absence of evidence provided by the certificate of tuberculosis disease and the availability of orphan - sister Antonina 12 years, which bothered the GPU department and brother of 16 years, left without means of livelihood, 22 August from custody released March 13, 1933 arrested for the second secret-political department of the Kiev oblotdela GPU of the Ukrainian SSR as part of a large group of monks of the Lavra. He was accused under articles 54-10 and 54-11 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR. He passed on the case "MP Lyubimov, Abashidze et al.". Resolution of the special investigatory meeting at the College of the GPU of the Ukrainian SSR on July 22, 1933 was sentenced to three years of exile in Sevkray (suspended) and sent to work in the quarries of Korosten. After some time, the commission arrived military doctors saw swollen with ulcers and prostrate on. Leonty, recognized him completely incapable of physical labor and freed. He moved to Zhitomir, where Bishop Vyacheslav (paper), a former monk of the Lavra, found shelter and medical treatment. In 1935, Metropolitan Constantine (Clerks) in the house erected on. Leonty the rank of Archimandrite. In the same year of the proposed adminotdel. Leong to leave Kiev. But he went into hiding, staying to live in Kiev. Then in 1938 he moved to Zhitomir, in 1939 - in Malin, continuing to be in Kiev. "Everywhere I have had many friends and admirers, both in urban and in rural areas, thanks to my old man, Anthony skhiarhimandritu" - will write later Bishop Leonty. In 1938 and 1939. NKVD repeatedly execute documents for his arrest, but, as in 1941, stated the persecutors, "he and is currently in hiding, his arrest was not done." Locations on. Nobody gave Leonty. November 7, 1941 on. Leonty ordained bishop Berdichevsky, vicar of Ukrainian Autonomous Orthodox Church. Vladyka served only in Church, but sometimes, depending on where he served, he preached in Ukrainian. Soon in Zhytomyr was opened six temples (but one of them "independence supporters" was handed over to the Germans). In 1943, in the Zhytomyr region, there were about 300 Orthodox parishes, three monasteries and two monastery. He participated in the funeral and burial skhiarhiepiskopa Anthony (Abashidze), which for a long time was his confessor. "If, by the grace of God, I am what you know me, it was only thanks to his wise leadership and education," - wrote a few days after the funeral of Bishop Leonty. To go to the end of 1943 from the diocese with the retreating Nazi troops. He passed under the jurisdiction of the Russian Church Abroad. Since 1953 - the bishop, then archbishop of Chile. In 1967 he was appointed to the chair in Sao Paulo (Brazil), from 1969 to the Diocese of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay. Chilean Archbishop Leonty (Filippovich), Archbishop John Western America (Maksimovic), Bishop Nectarios Siatliysky (Kontsevich) and Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy in Intercession Church in Nyack, United States Spiritual son of the lord was the Chilean Jose Munoz, whom he transfers the relics of the saints of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Since 1982, Joseph stored and streamed myrrh copy Athos icon of the Iberian Mother of God - the so-called Montreal. Later, in the night of 30 to October 31, 1997, Joseph was a martyr killed, stolen icon Bishop Leonty was friendly with John (Maximovich) of Shanghai and San Francisco, and always considered him a saint. "Ask the Lord to die in the death of Archbishop John Day." June 19, 1971, old style Lord has allowed him to move to another world on the fifth anniversary of the death of Saint Archbishop John [6]. Based on the book "The curriculum vitae of the brethren of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the victim of the Orthodox faith in the twentieth century." Compiled LP Rylkova