We celebrate the feast of Annunciation on April 7th, this year. . This week proceeds the Palm Sunday. Today we are reminded about Lord's boundless love for us, despite our sins. This feast is the call for prayer, in the example of the Holy Theotocos.

Commemoration of the events of the Annunciation, finds reflection beyond the yearly celebratory cycle. Archangel Gabriel's visit of the Virgin Mary has been inspiring Christian talents for more than a millenium. Orthodox hymnography has a a lovely example of the art of troparia, dedicated to this holiday, aiming to fill two-three lines of text with a deep theological sense and , as in the example of our feast, joy:

Today is the beginning of our salvation, /The revelation of the eternal mystery!, /Сын Божий, The Son of God, /becomes the Son of the Virgin, /As Gabriel announces the coming of Grace: /Together with him let us cry to the Theotokos:, Rejoice, O Full of Grace, / Господь с Тобою.

Iconographers and artists likewise dedicated their labors to this gladsome day.

The Icon below was created in the Novgorod lands in the 16th century. It's austere and simple, typical for the art of the Russian North.


Here is an example of Russian school of Pelekh 19 of the mid 19th century, where the artists, skillful in realism turned to the traditions of strict icongoraphy, combining canonicity and fine detail.


Here is a piece by Giotto, 13th century 13 Italian artist. It shows ancient artistic connection with the era of One Church .


A scientist and engineer, Leonardo da Vinci, could not remain indifferent to this holiday either, который не только передал в своем шедевре умиление кротостью и решетильностью исполнять Божее призвание Богродицей, but his studies of perspective as well .

The Feast of the Annunciation fills our hearts with joy of the Good News. This day is day of Lord's pure love, as well as hope and faith.