The Russian Orthodox Church in Jacksonville, FL celebrated the 50th anniversary of their Patron Saint St. John of Shanghai & San Francisco. It was a special event for this church, the ceremony included Bishop Mitrophan, visiting from New York and the Northeast. The event also included an exhibition of the works of photo artist Ivan Zhuk. This event started on the evening of July 1st (Friday evening) and continued on Saturday July 2nd.

Many Russian & Ukrainian Americans of the Russian Orthodox faith came as far as the state of Georgia and the Miami area to celebrate Easter. First Coast.TV got a chance to talk to some of the attendees to this event, to explain how they celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Christ. The ceremony was close to 3 hours long and truly a beautiful event of Christian worship and tradition.

PASSAGE OF MATERIALS OF THE FUTURE FILM The Orthodox Church - the road of St. John of Shanghai! I ask for your prayers! After recording this interview Nina two days later went to the hospital - fell at home. Nina Konovalova-Sun now lives in New York, she is 96 years old - 18 years, she is a young nurse working in the Orthodox Russian Hospital in Shanghai and her memories of visits to St. John of Shanghai in the hospital at night - where he prayed for the sick - some of the most moving in the priceless collection of memories of John the Wonderworker of Shanghai I collected all over the world!


During World War II, the sailor Anatoly and his captain, Tikhon, are captured by the Nazis when they board their barge and tugboat which is carrying a shipment of coal. The Nazi officer leading the raid offers Anatoly the choice to shoot Tikhon and stay alive which Anatoly reluctantly takes, and Tikhon falls overboard. The Nazis blow up the ship but Anatoly is found by Russian Orthodox monks on the shore the next morning. He survives and becomes a stoker at the monastery but is perpetually overcome with guilt.